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dove-siamo-cosy-flatThe above apartment is located on the first floor of a historic building (there isn’t a lift) with views overlooking Sant’Antonino Square. It is an ideal place to enjoy a pleasant walk through the streets of luxury shopping and  numerous souvenir shops and to sample the typical restaurants and bars of via San Cesareo.

You can easily visit  the basilica of St. Antonino, the patron saint of the city of Sorrento, the complex of the convent of St. Francis of Assisi, composed of a church,  monastery and  cloister. It dates from the XIV century and is primarily built in the baroque style. Also the beautiful  cathedral of Sorrento,  dedicated to St. Philip and St. James, should not be missed. In addition the museum-shop of Tarsialignea with its precious and valuable examples of local products  wich describes the culture and the landscape in which they were created  and flourished. Plus  the Sedil Dominova,  located in Largo Dominova dating from the XIV century, are all within easy reach of the flat.

sorento-porto… From nearby Villa Comunale is possible to walk or take the lift to the exclusive Sorrento beaches and to the port of Sorrento, from where daily hydrofoils depart for Capri, Ischia, Naples. It’s very important to see also the beautiful fishing village of Marina Grande, famous for being the location  of the film “Pane Amore e Fantasia” directed by Dino Risi

Private transport is not necessary due to central location of the Cosy apartment, and its close proximity to bus, train and hydrofoil services.
Therefore the isle of Capri, the city of Naples, the ancient roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and  Amalfi coast are all easily accessible.

Sorrento and Surroundings …



An extraordinary place to live, admire and enjoy with all the senses: for the depth of the art and civilisation that has indelibly marked its history; for the mild climate that accompanies day and night the shows, musical and  exhibitions; for the gourmand possibilities to search out the age old culinary tradition, the seafood and the unique typical products in all their local translations, or for finding fine hidden little shops where craftsmen still ply their wares, even with all the difficulties and contradictions inherent to all big metropolitan cities.


The most famous mountain in the world! It is the symbol of the City that, with is perfect form, closes the Gulf.
The majestic cone dominates a disquieting and evocative environment. Tormented landscapes of savage beauty await the visitor: the panorama from the top of the mountain extends from the Sorrento Coast to Capo Posillipo, giving rise to unforgettable memories.


It is the most famous and evocative archaeological site in the world! A walk amongst the excavations of Pompeii is a unique experience. It is a journey into the past.


The incomparable beauty of the Amalfi Coast has enchanted visitors from all corners of the world!
The scenery is characterised by mighty cliffs that drop into the sea. The little villages that dot the “divine coast” are all to be explored, enjoying a clear blue sea, the stupefying views, the artistic treasures and the lively high society life. Positano is so picturesque as to seem a spontaneous stage setting; Amalfi is the hearth and soul of the coast. A unique scene, where historic  memory intertwines with unforgettable natural beauty.


It is a must for any tourist in search of excitement: rich with Roman remains and immersed in exceptional natural beauty . Legendary place, rife with history, whose fascination only grows with time.


Caserta is known as the “Versailles of Naples” after the Royal Palace built here by the Bourbon King, Charles III, in the 18th century. The enchanting palace overlooking the huge square is one of the most sumptuous buildings of its kind in Italy.  It has over 1,200 rooms and is full of paintings and rich decorations. The magnificent gardens are 3 km long and their crowning glory is a 75 metre high waterfall, which can be clearly seen from the palace.